Emergency 24/7 Pump Repair Service

Xtreme Pump & Supply’s knowledgeable and experienced technicians specialize in drainage pump repairs and rebuilds. Our 9000-square-foot workshop is devoted to repair services, which include, but are not limited to, disassembly, part replacement, refurbishment and reassembly, as well as pump removal and re-installation.

Downtime can be costly. Xtreme Pump and Supply offers 24/7 emergency service on pump repairs.

Getting your pump serviced can improve pump reliability, extend pump life, and reduce costs. We have a service team that can rebuild and repair your pumps.

We have backup pumps available while your pumps are being serviced. Let us revive your old pump.

We offer the following pump repair services:

Engineering and Diagnostics
We work closely with engineers to optimize the performance and reliability of the pumps for our customers. We can determine the root of the pump failure or pump degradation and correct accordingly.
Pump Replacement Parts
We have access to a large selection of pump replacement parts. Our team will review and evaluate your pump and present improved solutions so that your pumps function more efficiently.